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Enjoy an unforgettable adventure on horse back

uShaka Horse Trails central Drakensberg is situated at the foothills of the Cathkin, Champagne Castle mountain range. On a 600 acres farm bordering Bell Park dam, close to the Lesotho border with South Africa.

We offer unforgettable adventure trails on horse back.
One of the finest ways to experience the Drakensberg is on horseback. We have a range of trip options available ranging from half day novice rides to full day adventures for experienced riders that range far into splendid forests, mountain grass land to explore the dramatic scenery above the Mtoti Valley & Culfargie. Visit Bushmen paintings, or Zulu villages. It’s all here! For non riders we offer fishing, short hikes, birding trails or mountain biking
( bring your own bike and fishing gear)

We are near by Inkosana lodge, Champagne Sports resort, Champagne Cottages, Cayley Mountain Resort, Witsend, Ardmore, .......
Short trails from 1 to 2 hr. and longer half day and full day trails in the mountains.

Enjoy the "cliff" trail, the "grave yard" trail, the "fish eagle" trail, Bushmen trail.......
Combination programs with mountain biking or hiking are also possible.
Our horses are Boere perd, Bashotos, Australian stock horses and bigger cross breeds. We use only comfortable Franco trail and English saddles . We provide saddle bags for longer trails. 

Minimum age is 5 and maximum 105 years old. Maximum weight is 100 kg, saddle & bags included.

We have a scale to double check your body weight.

We have 2 Percheron horses and 1 Shire since the beginning of 2018 . They can carry up to 140 kg. 




Horse Trails for novices , beginners and intermediate riders
These are short horse trails that last up to 4 hours. Clients will have to control their own horses - we do not always provide leading reigns. It is important to realise that clients  just walk on a novice ride. There will be opportunities to trot, and where, in the opinion of the guide, clients may be allowed to canter on an intermediate ride. Clients who only wish to walk should notify the guide immediately. The horses used on a novice ride are more complacent, though still of good quality, and shorter distances are covered.

Experienced riders
We have longer trails from two hours up to one day trips designed for clients who have had considerable riding experience. The clients will be riding good quality horses, slightly challenging perhaps, but well schooled and certainly not suitable for novice riders. These are not ordinary trail horses and although there are a limited number of quieter horses available, clients will still be expected to control these without assistance.


We give you the best price for quality in the whole valley.
Time of the trails depends on experience, condition off the trail,.......

Sagarmatha cc, uShaka Horse Trails are registered with Tourism KZN and is recommended by the Lonely Planet guide books.



Arrival time:
Please be sure to be on time – otherwise you will hold the rest of the group up. Arrive 10 minutes before departure. You will still have to fill in an indemnity form. We will unsaddle the horses if you arrive late without notice and cancel the ride.

What to wear:
We have found the most comfy gear to wear is loose cotton long pants (chinos / slacks) and a suitable top. Otherwise any other long pants will do.
Please make sure you wear closed shoes.
If it looks like it may rain / drizzle please bring a raincoat along as well. – Riding in the rain is always fun!

We don't ride in heavy rain, thunderstorms and lightning conditions.

Sun screen & some water. Take a small snack for longer rides.
We provide helmets.
Carrots for your horses
An adventurous heart


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