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Climbing Champagne Castle / Cathkin Peak


Champagne Castle is a classic high altitude hike/climb in the central Drakensberg of South africa.

Only suitible for the very fit, surefooted hikers, with some experience who are not affraid of exposed paths...

You need commitment, stamina and must be able to walk for long hours.


There are also different routes to make it to the summit.

Most hikers climb it via Grays pass, this means from Monkscowl camp to Keith bush camp the first day. The second day climbing the pass and walking up the summit and the last day  the same route back. A 3/4 day fantastic experience.


Another route goes via Shipsprow pass and back via Grays or just the other way around. This is a 4/5 day hike.


Weather can be bad, snow and ice possible on the top sections of the passes in winter.


We sleep in tents or caves. We can organize porters at extra cost to make it a bit more relaxing

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