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Climbing Mafadi


Mafadi is the highest peak of South Africa and even the highest peak south of Kilimandjaro. It is not a "climbing peak"  in the sence that you just hike up the mountain. Mafadi is 3.450 m ASL high.

It is still a challenge, only suitable for very fit hikers. The nature and views are breathtaking...


There are different routes to make it to the summit.

The classic one is via Injisuthi, Leslie pass and back the same route. A 3/4 day fantastic experience.


Another route starts also at Injisuthi but than we go via the Judge or Corner Pass to the escarpment and climb it from the south. This is a 4/5 day hike.


We can also climb it via Giant castle, Bannermann or Langalibalele pass, coming down via Judge or Leslie pass and than hiking back to Giant Castle or organise a transfer from Injisuthi. These hikes are between 5 and 6 days.

Just remind that you have to carry all your equipment , food , .....yourself.


We sleep in tents or caves. We can organize porters at extra cost to make it a bit more relaxing

climbing down Leslie.jpg

climbing down Leslie.jpg

down leslie.jpg

down leslie.jpg

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