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Shorter hikes in the Drakensberg


We have different  shorter hikes in the Drakensberg. We sleep in tents or caves, carry our own hiking gear.


1. Monks Cowl camp - Zulu Cave - Monks Cowl camp ( 2 days )

This is an easy-moderate hike in the Little berg close to Cathkin peak. We sleep in a comfortable San cave, with a waterfall. 


2. Monks Cowl camp - Stable cave - Dragonspeak  ( 2 days )

Longer hike the first day via the contour path, the 'V' and along Jacobs ladder to Stable cave. The second day we traverse via a lower path , Van dams cascades, Blue Grottto ,....back to the car park.


3. Injisuthi - Marble bath cave - Injisuthi ( 2 days ).

Moderate hike from Injisuthi to a beautifull cave with swimming possible in  the Marble baths. The way back is the same.


4. Monks Cowl camp - Wondervalley cave - Injisuthi ( 2 days )

Moderate hike via Blindmans corner and Shada ridge to a hidden cave. Some nice waterfalls close to the cave. Via Vanhenningen pass down to Injisuthi. Transfer back to Monks cowl.


5. Giant Castle camp - Langalibalele pass Lesotho - Giant Castle camp ( 2 or 3 days )

A moderate to challenging hike, ideal for a first experience with the Drakensberg passes on safe ground and not exposed as some other passes. From the camp we follow a long ridge up to the bottom of the pass. A short and steep climb brings us in Lesotho. We camp near a beautifull mountain stream. The next day we explore the Lesotho high plateau and come down the same day or stay a day longer to go deeper in to Lesotho.

Link to history of the pass.


6. Cathedral peak - Didima gorge - Cathedral peak ( 2 days)

A senic hike in the Central Drakensberg via the last strong hold of the San people. We climb via Mikes pass and Arend sight to the Nek at 2100 m ASL. A steep path brings us down in to the Didima Gorge. We follow a beautifull path along the gorge and sleep in tents or one of the many caves in the area. The next day we follow the Mlwazini river and via Solar Cliffs and Brotherton back to Cathedral peak resort.


7. Culfargie - Stable cave / Vaalriebokkop cave - Didima gorge - Cathedral peak ( 3 days )

A very underrated unknown trail. Moderate. Via the Culfargie gate we climb a ridge with waterfalls, and mostly see eland and wildebeest. Jacobs ladder brings us to the top of the little berg. We can sleep in one of the caves. Beautifull views.

The next day we follow a path along the Hospitaalspruit valley and arrive in Eagle gorge and Mwlazini valley. Lunch is at a river  crosssing with swimming pools. When we reach Didima gorge we climb the trail and sleep in tents or in one of the caves. The last day is a long walk along the gorge and than up the Nek and down via Mikes Pass to Cathedral peak. Transfer back.


8. Monks Cowl camp - Zulu cave - Stable cave - Monks cowl camp ( 3 days )

A classic hike in the Monkscowl area, easy to moderate. First day we climb via the Spinx, Breakfast stream and Blind mans corner up to the Contour path. We follow that trail and go down via a beautifull trail to Zulu Cave. The next day up again and we catch up a Dagga smugglers trail and walk along the top of the Little Berg and Jabobs ladder to Stable Cave. Last day down along the foothills of the berg . We pass Van Dams Cascade,  Gerd's Sleeping Elephant Rock, Monkscowl camp.


9. Giant Castle camp - Giant Castle - Langalibalele - Giant Castle camp ( 3 days )

This is hard three day hike. First day we start from Giant Castle camp and walk to the start of the Giant Castle pass. We camp just below the pass. Next day we climb the steep pass and arrive in Lesotho. There we follow the escarpment up North towards the Lanalibalele pass. If we are fit we climb Kambule, Mount Dumford and Erskine. We sleep near the top of Langalibalele pass. Last day a more easy walk down to Giants camp.










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